Soft Skills Training

An Introduction to Influencing

Course overview

The art and science of successful influencing are important skills that can help all professionals achieve the outcome they require. This course provides an introduction to influencing and negotiating, and provides a series of tools and techniques that all individuals and teams can use.

Aims of the course

By undertaking this course, you will learn:

  • The basics of influencing and negotiating – why these areas are different and why they’re important.
  • About your own influencing style and how to adapt your language to influence others.
  • Why rapport is important when influencing and negotiating, and how to achieve this during your interactions.
  • How to use special influencing and negotiating skills to gain an advantage.

Course Programme

Delivery of the course content lasts one day and covers the following modules:

  1. The basics of influencing and negotiating
  2. Understanding why our influencing approach often has mixed results (beliefs, expectations, etc)
  3. Using our language to influence
  4. Influencing styles
  5. Understanding needs
  6. The importance of rapport – Establishing, Building and Maintaining
  7. Maximising the effect of our non-verbal communication
  8. Knowing when to ‘back down’ and when to ‘stand your ground’
  9. Tips and tricks for influencing and negotiating
  10. Summary and Quiz