Soft Skills Training

Advanced Influencing and Negotiating

Course overview

Successful influencing and negotiating is a key skill set required by all leaders. This course will build on the principles established within Influencing Skills, helping you deal with most complex situations where effective influencing is essential.   

Aims of the course

By undertaking this course, you will learn:

  • A variety of advanced skills for influencing and negotiating with others – both within and outside of your own team(s).
  • How to influence others in more complex situations, including within groups and when relationships are damaged.
  • The importance of assertiveness and creativity when influencing and negotiating.
  • How to use psychological and emotional techniques to your advantage when influencing others.

Course Programme

Delivery of the course content lasts one day and covers the following modules:

  1. An introduction to advanced influencing and negotiating skills
  2. The importance of listening – with your ears and eyes
  3. Adapting your language to achieve a different result
  4. Psychological approaches to influencing and negotiation
  5. Understanding emotions and how they can help or hinder your influencing approach
  6. Assertive approaches to influencing and negotiating
  7. Group influencing
  8. The importance of creativity in influencing and negotiation
  9. Advanced tips and tricks for influencing and negotiating
  10. Summary and Quiz