Soft Skills Training


An ability to successfully influence a wide range of individuals is frequently seen an effective skill that would be beneficial to develop. Our training courses in this area offer an insight into how anyone can be a more effective influencer. We provide a unique training experience, utilising the existing influencing skills and style of your team. 

Learn more about how your teams can influence more effectively, and learn a variety of simple (yet effective) skills that you can apply to your everyday interactions. Our training approach is based on a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to help you and your teams develop the right language to influence others successfully.

An Introduction to Influencing

If members of your team are in the earlier stages of their career, this course will help them develop some essential influencing skills.

Advanced Influencing and Negotiation

For individuals and teams that are more experienced when negotiating or attempting to influence others, this course is ideal.