Dealing with Complaints

Course overview

Regardless of whether your customers are internal or external to your organisation, your approach to dealing with feedback will often be remembered for months or years to come. This course explores how your team(s) can genuinely put themselves in the customers' shoes. 

Aims of the course

By undertaking this course, you will learn:

  • How to deal with customers that display strong emotions, such as anger or sadness.
  • The importance of empathy when dealing with complaints, and how to empathise effectively.
  • The critical elements of excellent listening skills, including the reasons why good listeners build strong customer relationships.
  • The importance of rapport in when receiving a customer complaint.

Course Programme

Delivery of the course content lasts one day and covers the following modules:

  1. Complaints - Why do we feel so scared?
  2. Making sense of a complaint
  3. Verbal complaints - Are you ACTUALLY listening?
  4. Written complaints - Do you REALLY understand?
  5. Building rapport with the complainant
  6. Empathy - Why is it important?
  7. Empathy - How to get it right
  8. Real-life examples of customer complaints
  9. When all else fails...
  10. Summary and Quiz