Effective Communication Skills

Course overview

Effective communication is a critical skill that all professionals require, yet it is often an area that causes the most challenges within an organisation. This one-day course will highlight some of the main reasons why our attempts at communicating fail to have the impact we expect.  

Aims of the course

By undertaking this course, you will learn:

  • The basics of communication – how we do this, but also the subtle differences we all employ when communicating information to others.
  • How our individual beliefs and perceptions shape our approach to communicating information with others, and our interpretation of data presented.
  • Why your communication is sometimes mis-interpreted by others.
  • The importance of rapport in communication and how you can develop this area further.

Course Programme

Delivery of the course content lasts one day and covers the following modules:

  1. What is communication?
  2. How do we make sense of others’ communication and information?
  3. Beliefs, perceptions and experience
  4. Language and messaging
  5. Listening and rephrasing
  6. The importance of non-verbal communication
  7. Body language and how this can help communication
  8. Mirroring, matching and building rapport
  9. Neurological communication tips
  10. Summary and Quiz