Soft Skills Training

Business Basics

Our Business Basics training courses will provide you and your teams with a range of essential skills, regardless of your work environment, industry or role. 

Our half-day training courses in these areas include:

  • Developing your skills as an interviewer
  • Delivering effective workshops and meetings
  • How to manage your time more effectively

Find out more about each course below.

Interviewer Skills

Interviewing candidates is a skill that involves a strong awareness of your own unconscious biases, clear communication skills, and the ability to listen attentively.

Our half-day training course will help you develop your interviewing skills for maximum benefit.

Effective Meetings and Workshops

How effective are your workshops and meetings? Most organisations waste substantial time, effort and cost through inefficient meetings.

Our half-day training course will ensure that your teams don't suffer the same fate.

Time Management

Tick tock...

Good time management is an essential skill, both in and out of work.

Our half-day training course will provide your teams with a variety of tried and tested methods, including the importance of emotions when managing our time.