Developing Soft Skills


Our range of communication, influencing and other behaviour-based training courses can help transform you and your teams into a world-class function. 

At Soft Skills, we offer a variety of training courses focused on helping your teams improve how they behave, together with the key to communicating and influencing others. 

Our training courses focus on a variety of areas, including:

  • Developing how individuals and teams communicate
  • Improving individual engagement, enabling teams to improve performance
  • Understanding and adapting core beliefs and mindset
  • Improving how teams can work together more effectively
  • How to lead others, understanding the challenges and benefits of excellent leadership
  • Helping individuals get the best out of themselves by enhancing personal resilience
  • Understanding the importance of emotions - our own and those of others
  • Enhancing skills for influencing and negotiation
  • Improving the management of conflict and how to use this positively
  • How to form, build, maintain and develop relationships - and why this is important

Our expertise helps teams develop business critical leadership skills, facilitating change and enhancing culture. 

Behavioural and leadership improvements are the most common (but also the most complex) ways of achieving significant organisational change. Our training courses utilise a variety of techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), team-based exercises and specialist intervention to help you and your teams develop successfully.

Making a Change

Leading and Managing Change

Change is a regularly occurring phenomena in most organisations. Managed effectively, it can motivate, inspire and encourage individuals. Done badly, the opposite is often true, impacting performance for months or years to come.

Our Leading and Managing Change course will provide you and your teams with the skills and mindset required to achieve and accept change. 

What do you and your teams believe...?

Belief Change

Our beliefs are arguably the most powerful influencer on whether we take action, or choose not to undertake a particular task.

Changing what we believe can sometimes feel like an impossible task, but with the right support and techniques, we can help this become reality.

How are you feeling today...?

Emotional Intelligence

Effective leaders generally demonstrate higher levels of emotional awareness, empathy and self-control. At Soft Skills, we understand how to improve emotional intelligence and can provide tailored assessment, intervention and support.

Developing these skills will support you and your team in achieving higher levels of performance, cohesion and personal satisfaction.

Greater than the sum of the parts...

Team Dynamics

Teamwork. Overrated?

Definitely the case if you focus more on the individuals than how they work together. To further complicate matters, some organisations have many 'teams' interacting with each other - often badly.

We can help you understand what makes your team 'tick'. And if it's not 'ticking', how to put it right.

Measure and Improve

Individual and Team Assessments

At Soft Skills, we assess business performance by understanding and analysing the personalities, behaviours and emotional intelligence of individuals and teams.

Our team are accredited providers of multiple assessment tools, including the world leading EQ-i and SDI (Core Strengths) frameworks.

Business Basics

Interviewer Skills

Interviewing candidates is a skill that involves a strong awareness of your own unconscious biases, clear communication skills, and the ability to listen attentively.

Our half-day training course will help you develop your interviewing skills for maximum benefit.

Communication is easy, right...?


Despite its apparent simplicity, communication is one of the most common reasons for conflict, stress and misunderstanding.

We help individuals and teams communicate more effectively and learn how to use these skills in a variety of situations and events.  

The Power of the Mind

Confidence Building

Creating and maintaining the right mindset is unique to each individual, although there are many common areas that are important to achieving a level of neurological success.

Developing a confident mindset can be a powerful way of dealing with the challenges and stresses of the working environment. We can help you and your team unlock hidden potential, understand your unconscious biases, and create new habits. 

Business Basics

Effective Meetings and Workshops

How effective are your workshops and meetings? Most organisations waste substantial time, effort and cost through inefficient meetings.

Our half-day training course will ensure that your teams don't suffer the same fate.

Developing High Performance

Team Building

We understand the stigma attached to team building activities, and that's why ours are different - clearly aligned to individual and team goals, we focus on creating tasks and exercises that challenge and develop. 

Achieving the right environment is critical for team building success, together with outstanding facilitation, and most importantly, a comprehensive understanding of your unique challenges.

Business Basics

Time Management

Tick tock...

Good time management is an essential skill, both in and out of work.

Our half-day training course will provide your teams with a variety of tried and tested methods, including the importance of emotions when managing our time.

Office...what office?

Virtual Services

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we have continued to support individuals and teams with their specific development needs. These include tailored workshops and intervention sessions via video conferencing.

We plan to continue our virtual services long into the future, providing our clients with a cost effective and convenient development offering.