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Our service offering is driven through the research and publications produced by our team.

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Accounting CPD

Emotional Intelligence

Working alongside one of key partners, we created the leading edge Emotional Intelligence training course.

Developed specifically for finance professionals, understand how to apply your emotional intelligence across all aspects of your career. 

The importance of habits

Bad Habits

This article highlights the importance of adapting individual and team habits as key method for achieving behavioural and cultural change.


EQ - Does It Matter More Than IQ?

Developing your emotional intelligence can provide greater insights into your future happiness, career success and your ability to build effective relationships.


Pressure and Stress

Access our webinar on Dealing with Pressure and Stress, a one hour session available free of charge.

This webinar initially explores the basics of stress, and why some of us appear more naturally able to deal with significant amounts of pressure.

Dealing with conflict

Collision Course

Non-compliance can lead to challenging conversations, resulting in conflict, frustration and damaged relationships.

Coping with pressure and stress

Emotional Rescue

Pressure at work can rack up stress and even lead to illness, but understanding and acknowledging your emotions can help you manage it.

Accounting CPD

Managing Conflict

Dealing with conflict in a finance environment is often a unique experience given the pressure and disagreements that can inevitably occur. 

Developed specifically for finance professionals, understand how to manage conflict successfully with your peers, teams and customers.



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