Developing Soft Skills

Emotional Intelligence

As a concept, Emotional Intelligence (EI) was first identified more than 30 years ago. It covers our ability to recognise and respond appropriately to our own emotions, together with our awareness and approach to dealing with the emotions of others.

Our Approach

Adding Value

Learn more about our unique approach to using Emotional Intelligence techniques with your team.


Pressure and Stress

Access our webinar on Dealing with Pressure and Stress, a one hour session available free of charge.

This webinar initially explores the basics of stress, and why some of us appear more naturally able to deal with significant amounts of pressure.


EQ - Does It Matter More Than IQ?

Developing your emotional intelligence can provide greater insights into your future happiness, career success and your ability to build effective relationships.

(Originally published in the March 2020 edition of the CPA Ireland's Accountancy Plus magazine).

Coping with pressure and stress

Emotional Rescue

Pressure at work can rack up stress and even lead to illness, but understanding and acknowledging your emotions can help you manage it.

(Originally published in the ACCA's Accounting and Finance magazine in January 2020).