Behavioural Knowledge...

...Neurological Change

Our approach to helping others learn and develop is based on our knowledge and expertise in the areas of behaviour and neurological change.

Soft Skills was formed to help individuals and teams develop and perform more effectively within their specific job role. We provide a range of learning and development solutions, including tailored 'soft skills' training courses, leadership development programmes, emotional intelligence assessment, and improvements to existing in-house learning methods and techniques. Instead of providing generic and identical solutions, we offer a tailored approach, enhanced by our experience as former professionals in the field.

It is frequently acknowledged that behavioural and leadership improvements are the most difficult changes to make, both within ourselves and our teams. At Soft Skills, we specialise in simplifying the complexity involved in personal learning, development and change. We achieve this through:

  • Observing the individual and team behaviours on display - we attend your meetings and working environment, observing the dynamics;
  • Using a variety of Assessment tools, based on the results of our observations. These include world-leading, scientific proven techniques, including EQ-i (Emotional Intelligence), Belbin (Team Roles), and Core Strengths (Team Conflict), together with our own bespoke tools;
  • Summarising the results of our observations and assessments through our Soft Skills Report - and providing a variety of recommendations and options on the next step for your team; and
  • Solving the issues that exist through a variety of training, coaching, intervention, and support exercises / activities.

During the past seven years, we have worked with a variety of individuals and teams across the UK and Europe providing development solutions and tailored training opportunities.

Leading the way

Leadership Development

The term Leadership covers a substantial number of actions, behaviours, styles and emotions. It is little wonder that so many individuals and teams find the area problematic.

Our Leadership Development Framework is based on real-life, practical solutions that can easily be adopted within your organisation or business. 

Enhancing organisational L&D

Specialist Services

We recognise that many organisations have invested heavily in their own learning, development and training opportunities for their teams.

Maximising the effectiveness, efficiency and overall value of your approach are all areas where our team can provide support, advice and critique your existing arrangements.

Soft Skills

Training Courses

Our unique 'soft skills' training courses are aimed at teams of all types, size and experience.

Focusing on the behavioural, communication and influencing aspects of how individuals and teams interact, our training utilises a variety of neurological techniques.