Soft skills development for individuals and teams


Soft Skills

We specialise in helping individuals and teams develop, learn more effectively, and change their behaviours. We achieve this through tailored training, observation, workshops and specialist intervention techniques.

Our expertise in the areas of accounting, finance and projects ensure that we can find the right solution for you and your team.


Joining the dots

As learning and development experts, we not only deliver world-class opportunities for  professional individuals and teams - we also undertake our own research, produce thought provoking articles and host webinars and conferences.

Our approach enables us to offer cutting edge services.


Great leadership requires great behaviours

Leading others can sometimes be challenging, whether you have a team of two or two hundred. Many of us aspire to be great leaders but never quite hit the mark.

Our team at Soft Skills focus on the underlying driver of great leadership - behaviours - and utilise a range of tailored and best practice methods for improving you and your team.

Feeling Successful

Emotional Intelligence

Working alongside one of key partners, AccountingCPD, we created the leading edge Emotional Intelligence training course.

Developed specifically for accountants and finance professionals, understand how to apply your emotional intelligence across all aspects of your career. 

Why Soft Skills?

Development Expertise

Imagine working alongside a team of behavioural and leadership improvement specialists. 

At Soft Skills, our expertise includes working with individuals across areas including Finance, Assurance, Project Management, Accountancy, and Commercial. 


Continuing your professional development

Maintaining your continuing professional development / education is an important aspect for any individual working in a professional environment.

All of our training, development and workshop activities provide valid CPD/CPE hours, enabling you to meet the requirements of your professional body. Furthermore, we offer skills and techniques that will develop your behaviours and leadership abilities, rather than your technical know-how.


Culture Change

The impact of individual and group behaviours is often underestimated by organisations and businesses, and frequently present a 'hidden' problem area that can hinder culture change. 

Our suite of cultural and behavioural change techniques can help you and your team understand the main barriers to effective change and provide the solutions required.


Pressure and Stress

Access our webinar on Dealing with Pressure and Stress, a one hour session available free of charge.

This webinar initially explores the basics of stress, and why some of us appear more naturally able to deal with significant amounts of pressure.